More Success For your team? You are in the right place.

Hi, my name is Carl Emerson, I am the creator of ‘InsideOut Solutions’. I work with talented project leaders at the interface between Pharma and CROs to facilitate productive empowered relationships between teams, to train, demystify and create solutions that enable value to be realised. I coach executives, project leaders and teams in taking the next step forward in excellence. Based on over 25 years of experience, I provide the diagnosis, resolution plan, and platform to promote long lasting results, enabling teams to overcome their challenges and confidently embrace the fulness of their potential.

What Can I Do For You in Pharma?

Everyone knows that outsourcing is supposed to take work away from the sponsor, but sometimes it does not feel like that! Sometimes the relationship with the supplier is such that you feel that more management oversight is necessary, sometimes your team are unable to let go and micro-manages needlessly … [more]

What Can I Do For You as a CRO?

It can be an impossible job, trying to second guess what your client is expecting, what they want from you, or even trying to figure out if they even know what they want at all! No matter how long you have been doing the job, not matter how dedicated your BD team, sometimes it can be really insightful … [more]